Business and Corporate Counseling

Hunziker & Heck LLC counsels and assists businesses through every stage of growth – including formation; solving the problems that arise as businesses grow and prosper; and assistance in acquisitions, combinations, sales or dissolution. Our firm helps clients:

  • Select the appropriate business entity (corporation, partnership, limited liability company or sole proprietorship);
  • Protect their interest in business transactions with counseling, analysis and preparation of required documentation;
  • Draft shareholder agreements that plan for the death, disability or other departure of shareholders from the business;
  • Protect their intellectual property by registering trademarks and service marks with state and federal government agencies;
  • Manage debt by properly utilizing appropriate banking and finance strategies;
  • Plan the owner’s estate in a way that will effectively transfer the business’s assets after the owner dies;
  • Understand legal issues that impact the company’s decisions, strategies, and transactions;
  • Structure the business and tax aspects in the sale or acquisition of a business; and
  • Structure and document commercial and secured transactions.